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Our Cats

Living in between the fields, having a barn in the yard, cats are a must!
On top of that, they play an active role in the socialisation of the puppies born in our kennel.
The dogs are used to living with the cats and sharing the same space and vice versa.
This page is dedicated to those who go very well with our corgis, and sleep in the same basket...


Lou is just an ordinary cat, like there are thousands on earth. Found in a cardboard box out on the street when he was 6 weeks old, we could not refuse his cute kitty eyes and took him in...

He's born in august 2009, wich makes him the oldest 4-legged in the house, and makes sure everybody is well aware of that :)


Lara is a seal pointed Thai Siamese and born in January 2011. She's the most dog-like cat we ever had. She sleeps with them in a basket, retrieves toys and loves dog-cuddles. On the other hand is she (very catlike) a good hunter and brings home mice, insects, lizards and birds on a daily basis...



Joy is Gaëlle's daughter, and was supposed to move out, but got hit by a car at the age of 8 weeks. She had a broken pelvis and bladder problems, but fortunatly recovered very quickly. Her pelvis healed, but she'll be limping for the rest of her life, so we decided to keep her anyway...



We adopted Gaëlle when she was 2,5 years old. She was used to live in a multi-pet-household, and when we got to know her owner was looking for a new home for some of her cats, I contacted her immediatly. I took care of Gaëlle allready when she stayed at the dog and cathotel where I worked as a student. I knew what she was like, and didn't have to think twice about having her with us. Gaëlle is a seal tabby pointed Siamese that loves everybody and never stops to cuddle!

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