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Cardigan Colours
& Coats
Breed Standard & History



Big dogs in a small package!

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

In this topic, you can find some more information about the different Cardigan colours, and about the long-haired variety, the fluffies...



The Cardigan's origins lie in Wales. Their name refers to a place over there, called Cardiganshire. It is a very old breed that has a common history with the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.


Cardigans are loyal dogs that are very attached to their owners. They can't be more happy, then when they are next to you. No matter what you are up to, as long as it involves them, they're happy!
On top of that, they have a peculiar sense of humour and tend to make you laugh out loud at least once every day!


On the other hand, being a shepherd dog, they need challenges and regular exercise. No matter if you want to take them in obedience, agility, tracking, herding, or just for long walks, just take them out!

Cardigan Health
Cardigan Character and Temperament

In order to breed happy, healthy, Cardigans, a number of health checks need to be done before they can enter the breeding program.

- ECVO eye testing
- DNA testing for PRA and DM
- X-Ray research for Hip (and Elbow) Dysplasia


Information about some health issues that affect the Cardigan can be found here.

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