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Un Cardi au troupeau

Texte et photo par Olivier Ser, Oradour-Saint-Genest, France


My wife has 30 Pyrenean goats,

a long coated French breed whose milk makes

particularly fine goat cheese (chèvre). 

Edward, our young Cardigan

(Edward 1st King of St Hilaire's Park),

follows the herd to the grazing grounds in the morning

and drives them home in the evening. 
Like most herding dogs,

he is quite obedient and a fast learner. 

To begin with I bought this dog because the breed

appealed to me and not with herding in mind.

We believed that we would need another breed for this

purpose and were thinking of an Australian Shepherd. 

However, it turned out that Edward could fill this role just as well. He takes his work very seriously - although, like any young dog, he can sometimes get up to mischief.


Actually he is the first dog that we are training to be a herding dog and what's more, goats are quite difficult to herd as they are inclined to charge at the dog. 

Edward seems to have a strong herding instinct and tends to herd all animals, including our ducks and the neighbour's sheep. 

I find that the Cardigan Corgi is an excellent working dog and that this is an aspect of the breed which should be valued.


June, 2011


Cardigan au troupeau, Elevage Smygens, Suède, Juillet 2008

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