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Coedwig's Something Sweet - Muffin

When we lost our heart to this wonderfull breed, we preferred to have a tricolor one.​
Jazz is brindle, a very dark one though, but brindle.

With Lizzy, we didn't really think about a tricolor anymore,

but today, we are very happy to present you our new TRICOLOR family member!




Date of Birth: 23.05.2017
Colour: Brindle Pointed Tricolor

Sire: Coedwig's Timber
Dam: Coedwig's Blue Poppy

PRA: clear (DNA-tested)
DM: clear (DNA-tested)
ECVO: waiting for results
FLUFF: carrier​ (DNA-tested)
HD: waiting for results
ED: waiting for results



French Junior Champion

Troupeau 4 mois.jpg
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