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Int. Fr. Ch. Cymraeg Ci Jazz King - Jazz

Jazz was "our first" in a lot of ways...
He wasn't only our very first Welsh Corgi Cardigan.
He was also the first dog me and my husband had together,

he's our first agility dog, our first showdog, our first herding dog,...

Date of Birth: 08.09.2010

Colour: (Dark) Brindle & White

Sire: Multi Ch. Gowerston Jazz Singer for Pemcader

Dam: Taffy Cordelia

PRA: clear (DNA-tested)

DM: clear (DNA-tested)

ECVO: clear of all eye-diseases

FLUFF: carrier​ (DNA-tested)

HD: OFA Fair

ED: FCI 0/0 (unaffected)
E/E: Pink-free
B/B: Brown-free



Character and Sociability Test: 95/100
CACCBT (Certificat d'aptitude de Conduite de chien de Berger au Troupeau)

Show Results


International Champion
French Champion

* Vice-Champion de France at Clubshow 2013
* Champion de France at Clubshow 2014
* BOB at French Clubshow 2015
* BIS at French Regionals 2017
* BOB at French Clubshow 2017



Obedience - Agility - Herding


After finishing puppy class, we practiced obedience for some time,

but after 1,5 years, I noticed Jazz wanted some more action.

We tried agility at the same club, and after 5 minutes, I was sure!

This was what he wanted, some more action!

Obedience training payed off ofcourse, but this was so much more Jazz!


When he was 2,5 years old, we went on a herding course for the first time.
He liked this even better! Action!


1x CAC

1x R.CAC


1x BOB Junior - BIS5 Junior
1x BOB
1x CAC

2x R.CAC


1x CAC

Crufts qualified 2016-2017

Since June 2013, we try to take herding classes as often as possible, on different locations.


Jazz' progressed well, and he passed the CACCBT (French Herding Certificate) in 2017.

We keep on training him, but for fun. He'll be 8 in 2018 and we don't feel like taking him out trialing anymore.


Slideshow with pictures of Cymraeg Ci Jazz King

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