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Cymraeg Ci Lullaby - Lizzy

About a year after we had Jazz, we started thinking about taking a second Corgi.
Jazz was so much fun, and him being very social, we wanted to give him a companion...

We didn't want 2 males at home back then, so it had to be a girl, preferably a tricolor one,

and not a brindle, since Jazz has that color and we wanted a different one.
In the end, we lost our heart to this little, red girl...

Cardi-COF-Cymraeg Ci Lullaby-4.jpg

Date of Birth: 04.06.2012

Colour: Red and White

Sire: Am. Ch. Pecan Valley Touch of Darkness

Dam: Nu. Ch. Blondie's Drop Dead Beautiful

PRA: clear (DNA-tested)

DM: clear (DNA-tested)

ECVO: clear of all heriditary eye diseases

FLUFF: carrier​ (DNA-tested)

HD: OFA Good

ED: FCI 0/0 unaffected
E/E: Pink-free

B/b: Brown-carrier




Character and Sociability Test: 95/100 Excellent

CACCBT (Certificat d'Aptitude de Conduite du Chien de Berger au Troupeau)




2x BOB Junior​ (1x in a Specialty show)

1x BOB
2x BOS
5x CAC






2x BOB Junior


Crufts qualified 2016


Slideshow with pictures of Lizzy

Obedience - Herding


After puppy class, I wanted to do someting more with Lizzy than just continuing the Obedience Classes (wich she really likes).

As far as the herding concerns, we tried for the first time on 15/06/2013,

and from then on we started regular training:

We had about 6 courses in 2013, with Mr. Gilles Schneider and with the organisation "Tous au troupeau".
In 2014, 7 courses with Mr. Gilles Schneider.
In 2015, 4 courses with Mr. Gilles Schneider (because of her litter).

In 2016, 8 courses with Mr. Gilles Schneider.

In 2017, she passed the CACCBT (French herding certificate) under judge Mr. Charles Metenier.

In 2018 she had her 2nd litter, be we started training again afterwards;

maybe in 2019 trials await???

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