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General Information:


A Cardigan from "de la Vallée de l'Aumance" is a pure-bred dog, exteriourwise conform the breed standard, bred out of dogs with a stable character that are tested on dysplasia (hips), PRA, DM and hereditary eye diseases (ECVO).
The most of our time is devoted to the care of our dogs. They are cared for, loved, and trained in the social aspects of a family environment, since it is our intention that all of the dogs become members of the families they'll eventually live with. 

Since so much time is spent devoted to the development of each puppy we bring into the world, few litters are born. Our Cardigans are not bred with the intention of raising money from selling the puppies, but to improve health and conformation, to improve the breed.
The puppies are born under careful supervision and raised inside our home to get them used to household noises and family sounds.

We probably won't have a puppy available the first time you contact us. First of all, we are a small family kennel and only have a litter once or twice a year (or less). For that reason, puppies are not always available for adoption at any given time. Please check our "Puppies"-page to see if any little Cardigans are currently being offered for adoption.

We also like to meet our future puppy buyers, and their family before we decide if you can purchase a Cardigan at our kennel. This first visit always happens when we don't have puppies around. We would like you to meet the adult dogs, to see if they are what you are looking for. Puppies are cute, we all agree on that, but puppiehood is a very small part of a dog's life, and obviously not the reason why you should buy a dog.

If you are interested in one of our puppies or combinations, please keep in touch!

Follow the "Puppy" pages on our website (breeding plans, upcoming litters, available ...)
and do not hesitate to contact me for more information, on a combination or on a puppy you are interested in,...


You'll need to convince us, that you can provide the right home for one of our puppies!

If you are interested in a puppy for showing, or from a certain parent combination, don't hesitate to mention this when you contact us.
If you are not interested in showing, no problem!

It is always nice that our Cardigans are shown, but the most important thing we want for them is a forever loving home.

Reservations can be made for upcoming litters, and once the babies are born, we'll ask for an advance.

Consider that Cardigans make great companions, but think trough your decision to take them into your home very well, for it will be for at least 10 years!


All of our puppies are sold with a contract. It is a living document designed to protect three entities:
Cardigans 'de la Vallée de l'Aumance', the dogs' new families, and - most importantly - the dogs.


If you are sincerely interested in a puppy/combination and would like to visit them, or/and maybe make a reservation, you have to realise we don't allow visitors before the puppies reach the age of 3-4 weeks.

We want to avoid any possibility of contamination, and of course we don't want to disturb the mother...


About the Cardigan:


Cardigans, like any other dogs, can experience health problems.
Some of the most common problems are PRA, DM, Hip- and Elbow Dysplasia and eye diseases.

Since we tend to ameliorate the breed,
all of our dogs are:
- DNA-tested on PRA and DM

- ECVO-eye-tested on hereditary eye diseases
- X-rayed for hip- and elbow dysplasia
These results can be found on their pages.

More information about different health problems can be found on the Cardigan Health Page.

Cardigans attract people for many reasons.
They are intelligent, have guarding and herding instincts, have great/funny personalities, don't need a lot of grooming and have a self rinsing coat.

But of course, they have their minor points too. As they are low to the ground, it's not only their paws that get wet, but also the hair on the belly and chest. They like chasing things, wich can result in chasing bees, rabbits or other animals and in nipping heels.

But, a well socialised and trained Cardigan can perfectly be a family member in a multi-pet household with kids.


Cardigans love kids, as they mostly love any attention they can get.

But... this doesn't mean that the child in question has to torture the dog, they have to know his limits!

Kids throw balls, kids run around, kids are active and always in for same fun, just as the Cardigan!


You're thinking about having a dog, maybe even a Cardigan. But, you both work, and/or you might live on an appartment.

​Is this a problem, is this even possible? If you both work, I presume you can afford a dog and the care for it. Of course, nowadays, everybody has to work for a living. But, it all depends on the hours you work... When your dog is alone from nine to five, I have my doubts... What's the use having him then?

The same for the appartment, if you don't have the space to offer your Cardi the active life he needs, try looking for another breed?
You should always remember that Cardigans are active dogs, that need active owners, and therefore, space to be active in...

Information for future puppy buyers

Before contacting us, in search for a Cardigan, you might want to read trough some more information about our kennel, our puppies and so on....


Please read trough 'So you think you want a Corgi' on the Character-part of the 'About Cardigan'-pages!

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