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Newsfeed 2014​

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2014

Best Wishes to all our friends!

New Familymember!

December 13, 2014

Our son, Vic, was born today!

Jazz' puppies

December 6, 2014

2 of Jazz' puppies have been out on show latelty.

At the National Show in Dieppe, France
Jack The Ripper de Ty Helyg and
Jazz Junior de Ty Helyg both got 'very promising'.
Jack took the Best Puppy.

At the International Show in Rouen, France,
in Junior Class:
1 VG; Jazz Junior de Ty Helyg, BOB Junior
1 VG; Jack The Ripper de Ty Helyg

Health Results

October 1, 2014

We've had some very nice news we would like to share with you!

Lizzy's elbow and hip ratings were in the mail last week:
Hips: FCI A/A
Elbows: FCI 0/0

We couldn'tbe more happy!

Good news from the French Corgi Club

September 1, 2014

Because of their nice results at shows, on the character test and their health results,
both of our dogs have passed to "cotation 2" at the French Corgi Club.
This has been confirmed by the French Kennel Club, and will be marked on the pedigree of their puppies.

July's Herding Training

August 1, 2014

Once again, our dogs gave the best of themselves at the herding training.


Every time we go, we can see the progress,
and with a little bit of luck, we can pass the herding certificate next spring,
and maybe even start competing in trials!

Gaëlle's kittens

July 15, 2014

Gaëlle's babies turned out to be:

- 2 Blue Tabby Pointed boys
- 1 Blue Tabby Pointed girl
- 1 Blue Pointed girl
- 1 Seal Pointed boy


All kittens have found their forever loving homes!

Due to cancellation, 2 kittens are looking for a home!

July 1, 2014

The weekend they were old enough to go to their new owners,

2 of them unfortunatly cancelled...

A black boy and a tiger girl with reddish spots are still looking for a forever loving home!

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information!

Officialy brand new French Champion!

June 1, 2014

The papers arrived in our mailbox, it is official now:


Cymraeg Ci Jazz King is "FRENCH CHAMPION"!


We are very proud about this, since it is not an easy title to achieve.
Both the dogs and us haven't been active in the show world very long,
and we're very proud about our achievements!

More kittens born at our Kennel!

May 15, 2014

Our Seal Tabby Pointed girl Gaëlle was mated to a beatiful Blue Pointed male, Elliot.
As a result of this marriage, she gave birth to 6 little white babies, well done for a 1st time mum!

Unfortunatly, one of the little ones did not survive his first night.


We have 3 males (1 spoken for) and 2 females (1 spoken for).
Colours will be announced when they grow older.

Herding Weekend - Corgi's only!

May 10 & 11, 2014

Géraldine Giraux ('de l'Avenue des Artistes' Cardigans) and myself organised a herding weekend, for corgi's only in the Centre of France.


We were happy to see that a lot of French Corgi owners were immediatly interested in our event. We had about 10 dogs that entered and 4 puppies running around and exploring.


I would like to thank all the participants (2- and 4-legged) for coming, for the nice moments, the fun and laughter, and of course the learning moments!

Kittens born at our Kennel!

April 28, 2014

In the afternoon of April the 28th, our Thai girl Lara gave life to 6 beautiful kittens.

There are 2 girls (1 tricolor, 1 tiger) and 4 boys (2 pointed, 1 black, 1 black and white).


All kittens have found their future loving home allready.

Still some pups available at 'Ty Helyg' Kennel

April 14, 2014

We updated the puppies page with some pictures at 11 weeks of age.


Some of them are still looking for a loving forever home, feel free to take contact!

New puppy-pictures!

March 27. 2014

The puppies will be 10 weeks old next Sunday. They have had their vaccinations and are microchipped.
Some will be leaving to their future homes next weekend. We wish their owners a lot of joy with them!

We added some pictures taken at 8 and 9 weeks old to their page.
Ears are going up, and they start looking like 'real' Corgi's now!


International Dogshow Montluçon, France

March 16, 2014

Today, both our Cardigans competed at the show of Montluçon.


Jazz got placed 2nd with an Excellent in Open Class. He received the R.CAC and R.CACIB.
Lizzy got placed 1st with an Excellent in Intermediate Class,
she went BOB and took the CAC & CACIB!


Jazz also had his first experience in the 'Junior Handling Ring'.

Update: New pictures on the puppy pages!

March 11, 2014

The puppies of the first litter sired by our own 'Cymraeg Ci Jazz King' are 7 weeks old.
They had another photoshoot last weekend, so we updated their page with some new shots.




PS: Some puppies (both male and female) of this litter are still looking for a loving home!

Cymraeg Ci Lullaby aka Lizzy

March 1, 2014

On top of the wonderful show results from last weekend,

Lizzy got confirmated, wich means she now gets her French Pedigree Number,
and she passed the character test with an excellent; 95/100!


Very proud of our girl!

French Corgi Clubshow and CAC show Douai

March 1, 2014

We passed a very nice weekend at Douai.


First, there was the Douai CAC-show, judged by Mr. L. PICHARD:
Cymraeg Ci Jazz King got placed 1st in Open Class with an excellent, took the CAC and became BOS!
Cymraeg Ci Lullaby got placed 1st in Intermediate Class with an excellent and also took the CAC!


At the French Corgi-Clubshow afterwards, judged by Mr. K. DOVER:
Cymraeg Ci Jazz King went 1st Exc in Open Class, and took the CAC.
With this win he is now FRENCH CHAMPION!!!
Cymraeg Ci Lullaby went 4th in Intermediate Class.


Many thanks to both judges for appreciating our dogs, and to our friends for the wonderful days, diner with good food, drinks and lots of fun and laughter.


Congratulations to:
Mme Bourgeois: Hopcyn Red Boy of Saint Hilaire's Park took the R.CAC at the Clubshow.
Mme Dijckhorst-Noij: Waggerland Kiss This took the CAC and BOB at the Clubshow, Yasashiikuma Dragon Defender went BOS. Waggerland Little Joe went BOB Junior.
Mme Socolovert: Hawaï des Ptimour got the R.CAC at the Clubshow.
Mr. Boulon: Coco Chanel of Saint Hilaire's Park went BOB at the Douai CAC-show.

Corgi Specialty Bourg en Bresse

February 16, 2014

Our dogs competed at the Corgi Specialty Show in Bourg en Bresse today.

Jazz went 1 Exc in Open Class, he took the CAC & CACIB and became BOS!

Lizzy got placed 1st in the Intermediate Class, also with an excellent and took the CAC.


We're very happy with these results,
and happy to have passed the day in such a good company!


Congratulations to Mme Klarmann for winning BOB with her Bonnie from the Stone of Scone!


Puppy Pictures!

February 14, 2014

We updated the puppy page with some pictures of the first litter sired by our Jazz!

The puppies are born!

January 19, 2014

Even Better of Saint Hilaire's Park gave birth to 12 puppies today.
Unfortunatly, some of them did not survive the Cesarian.
The 4 girls and 3 boys that made it, are small but strong and lively.
More information about this litter can be found on the current-litter-page.

The litter resides in Montalieu Vercieu, at the Kennel of Miss Emmanuelle TAURIN.


January 1, 2014

In November, our Jazz was mated to the brindle pointed tri bitch
"Even Better of Saint Hilaire's Park".


She is confirmed pregnant, puppies expected for the end of january.

For more information, feel free to take contact!

Happy New year!

January 1, 2014

We wish our corgi friends, all over the world


May you have a happy, healthy, corgilicious 2014!

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