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Cymraeg Ci Jazz King

Date of Birth: 08.09.2010

Colour: (Dark) Brindle & White


Sire: Gowerston Jazzsinger for Pemcader

Dam: Taffy Cordelia


PRA: free (DNA-tested)

DM: free (DNA-tested)

ECVO: clear of all eye diseases

Fluff: carrier

HD: waiting for results

ED: 0/0


Cymraeg Ci Lullaby

Date of Birth: 04.06.2012

Colour: Red & White


Sire: Pecan Valley Touch of Darkness

Dam: Blondies Drop Dead Beautiful


PRA: free (DNA-tested)

DM: free (DNA-tested)

ECVO: waiting for results

Fluff: Carrier

HD: Waiting for results


ED: Waiting for results

Notre mâle

Notre femelle

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