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Herding Cardigans

Why would you start herding with your Cardigan?

The reason is simple ! Corgi's are in the first place herding dogs with a hardened character, that have been appreciated for years by the Welsh' farmers for their utility on the farm. Their missions: Herding (cattle, sheep, geese,...), guarding the farm and chasing the pests!

These days, our corgi's have become excellent companion dogs, but even after all those years, they didn't forget the reason of their existence and kept all their energy.

With their eyes, they capture our attention. They are very demanding, always in action, they hear the slightest noise, they are courageous and good guardians, they want to play, have fun, go for a walk, they want to be useful! So,... they end up commanding us! In fact, all this behaviours shows their need to work! Like a hunting dog needs to hunt, herding dogs need to herd!


Companion dog? YES! But also much more than that! It's in their genetics, they can guide us in their passion for the herd and for the herding work. Nevertheless their small size, their achievements provoke admiration. We note frequently an indestructible motivation, endurance, courage and a big determination during work.

In search of outdoor/nature-related activities, families start to appreciate more and more the activities linked to the ancestry of their companion. It's a very nice occasion to strenghten the bond between dog and owner by complicity. Nice outdoor days in a nice athmosphere, with improvised picknicks in the fields and discussions and conversations in a group with people all passionate about the same subject!

Trying this activity is often adopting, so don't hesitate to make your Cardigan even more happy. Enter in HIS universe,... because he deserves it!

How to start:

In France, you can start by participating at a CANT and/or participating at herding courses, often given during weekends, organised by instructors approved by the french kennel club. The educate the couple owner/ herding dog of all levels (novice to competition) and ages.  (novice ou niveau de concours) et de tout âge.


The CANT is a certificat you can get for the natural ability of your dog to herd. It is a test that is taken on a young dog (6-18 months) that has never seen sheep before, and that has a pedigree.
Organized herding instinct tests came about as a way to provide an accessible and standardized introduction to herding for owners and dogs who might otherwise have little opportunity in this area. It is simply the supervised exposure of an inexperienced dog to livestock.

Our Cardigans @ work

If you are interested in Cardigans and/or have a Corgi you would like to start herding with, you might want to check this (French) website:





In you want to check out if any herding instructor lives nearby, in France: 




More information about the CANT: 

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