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Our family

Welcome on the website of our kennel.
On this page, we would like to introduce ourselves to you...​

I'm Ann, and I live together with my husband, Jonas, our 2 sons, Vic and Stan, and our animals in Buxières-Les-Mines, a beautiful village on the countryside, in the centre of France.


I always had lots of animals around. When I was younger, we had cats, dwarf goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, lizards, birds, and...

one Big Bernese Mountain Dog, "HAGAR".

He was my first dog, and studying to become a vet nurse, and being aware of the importance to have a well trained dog, I started to take obedience classes with him.

We did pretty well, and when Hagar reached the age of 2, he got his certficate of obedience and we could start competing in obedience contests.

Unfortunatly, Hagar was diagnosed with severe ellbow dysplasia at the age of 2,5. We had to stop intense training and cut down his movement drastically. From then on, he started a relax lifestyle, with my parents, untill he passed away in 2017...


With Cardigans, it all started when I worked at a dog & cat hotel as a student's job during the summer. One of my collegues and now best friend, had a Cardigan. A fluffy dark brindle girl. From the moment I met her, I fell in love with the breed. About a year later, she had 3 Cardigans. Seeing this wonderful breed, with their funny faces, active lifestyle, etc., our choice was allready made when Jonas and I were thinking about having a dog together.


We moved from Belgium to France in 2010, looking for some green, sun, cows (since Jonas is a cows' vet), nature and a peaceful place to stay. We didn't leave with the intention to stay for more then one of two years, but we love the nature and the freedom we and our pets have here, and in our opinion that is someting we probably cannot give them in Belgium anymore...


So for now, from France, we wish you a nice visit of our website,

feel free to ask any questions you might have at any time!




Ann, Jonas, Vic, Stan & the pack

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