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2019: Our adventure continues!


Intrigued by and working with dogs for many years!​
Passionate about Cardigans since 2010!

I saw my first Welsh Corgi Cardigan in 2008, when a friend of ours had one as a puppy. Intrigued by the breed and by my friend's enthousiasm, I started reading about them. Books, magazines, the Internet,...


In the beginning of 2010 we contacted kennel "Cymraeg Ci" in Belgium and put us on a waiting list. November 2010, Jazz came to live with us. I practice obedience and agility with him.

We started showing, mid 2011, to see what the judge would say about him. On that first show, he became BOB Junior and BIS5 Junior! I really enjoyed that day, with nice friends and our dogs.


2012, Lizzy came to live with us. More obedience and showing, and we even started herding! I lost my heart to this wonderful versatile breed, and want to do my part to keep up the good work of several breeders and contribute to high-quality Cardigans.


Mid 2013 I made the decision to ask the FCI for a kennelname and to become a small scale breeder myself. In november I took classes for a certificate, I had to wait some time for the paperwork, but in 2014 I could finally share the news with the whole world:
Kennel "de la Vallée de l'Aumance" was born!

We had our first litter of puppies in the summer of 2015.

Our main activity is herding. All of our Cardigans are "working" dogs. Herding, obedience, agility, you name it, we've tried it!

In 2017 Muffin arrived, our little Californian sunshine! I've been looking for a long time to pedigrees, upcoming litters etc. but felt like I was never really into it. So I made the jump to the other side of the ocean and go and look for some fresh bloodlines to add!

I select the parents of our puppies in function of their exteriour, but primarily on their character and health.

Our puppies are:
- handled daily and stimulated by different sounds, objects, surfaces,...
- socialised with kids as well as with cats, dogs, sheep, chickens and other animals around the house.

- issue from pedigreed, health- and character-tested parents.
- enregistered at the S.C.C. (French Kennel Club).

When the puppies leave the house, at the age of 8-9 weeks or older, they:
- are primo-vaccinated, chipped and dewormed several times.
- take with them their passport, their (provisory) pedigree, a veterinary certificate, the identification papers (chip), the puppy contract, information for the new owners on nutrition, training, etc., my phone number, and...
They'll be followed for life!


Corgi's are dogs that demand an enormous amount of affection and presence. If possible, they want to be at your side every single moment. That's why I ask my future 'puppy parents' to be present. If you go out and work, to leave the dog at home alone, all day long, I'm sorry, but I won't sell you one of our puppies. This might seem unfair, because for sure, you have a lot of love and affection to offer, but I consider the perfect symbiosis can only be created when the dog gives you all you look for in him, but also and only when you can give him what he needs in return.

For more information on one of our dogs, the breed or the puppies, don't hesitate to contact us!

Kind regards,


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